Jammin Java

Jammin Java


In 2001, our whole family seemed to be in a time of transition – maybe you’ve been there too. Luke had a young family and wasn’t completely satisfied with his job in New York City, Daniel had just graduated college, and Jonathan was about to graduate college. We were questioning a lot of things and looking for what to do next; but in all of the questioning we knew we loved music and working together as a family.

We grew up in a musical household. Our parents were amateur musicians, and we were surrounded by music at home. Luke and Daniel got music degrees, were writing and performing together, and promoted concerts locally in Northern New Jersey for a time. And then our dad had moved to Northern Virginia and heard about a businessman who started a concert venue/recording studio/music store/CD store/book store/music lesson school called Jammin Java. The original owner had done all the buildout but had left the day-to-day in the hands of inexperienced managers. The business was failing, and he was looking for someone to revive it or else he’d have to close it down.


Check out a list of notable past performers here.

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